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Exclusive Search

An Exclusive Search means the Client Company works exclusively with iSearch on a particular search. Exclusive Searches enable iSearch to dedicate the resources to find candidates who are best for the job. The “exclusive” part of the agreement is just that: the position is exclusive to iSearch and can’t be filled by any other source during the exclusive period.

Exclusive searches require an initial deposit. The deposit is taken off the balance of the fee when the search is completed and is guaranteed. If iSearch doesn’t locate a predetermined number of qualified candidates in a set amount of time (normally 2-3 candidates in 60-90 days), the deposit is paid back in full. That way the Client Company can be sure the recruiter is actually working the job and not just “keeping it in mind.” On the other hand, the recruiter knows their time spent digging into the marketplace is time well spent.

Exclusive Searches should be used when the need is urgent or critical and needs to be accomplished within a quicker time frame.


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