Recently, more companies are using phone and online video interviews in place of live face-to-face interviews for candidates.

Recruiting firms, including iSearch, also use phone calls and/or video calls for meetings with candidates and clients more frequently now.

Everyone has busy schedules and the use of these types of media can be more convenient for all

There are a number of advantages for phone or online video interviews. These include:

  • Time Saving. Traveling, especially within Tokyo, takes time and may be inconvenient.
  • Money Saving. No train or taxi costs.
  • Communication. Video calls, especially, allow participants to share documents or presentations if needed.

At the same time, there are some disadvantages, including:

  • Technical Issues. These can include no, or slow WiFi connections, or equipment breakdown.
  • Lack of in-person interaction. It’s impossible to “read” the other person’s body language in a phone call and in a video call it is more difficult.

If you are doing a phone or video interview, either with the recruiter or the hiring firm, below are a few tips to help make it much smoother and more productive. You can also use these tips for online meetings, not just for interviews.

    1. First, make sure the technology you are using works, whether it’s your smart phone, a tablet, or your PC. Test it a couple of days before the call and test again at least an hour ahead of the scheduled call. Do a test call with a friend, or better yet, with the recruiter before interviewing with the hiring firm.
    2. Check the background. Your camera should be positioned so that the background is pleasant and as uncluttered as possible. For example, a plain wall or a wall with a tasteful piece of art on it.
    3. Situate yourself in a quiet area. If at home, try to do the call / video call in a room that is quiet and without the possibility of interruptions. You don’t want your interview interrupted by something like what happened in this short video.
    4. If it is a video call position your camera so you are looking into the camera, not at the screen. If the camera is on top of your computer, or off to the side, you’ll either appear to have your eyes half closed when you look down at the other person on the screen, or you’ll appear to be distracted by something off to the side.If you are using your phone to do the video interview make sure you have it on a tripod or otherwise steadied. You should not hold it in your hand as that will cause the phone to move around and be distracting to the person you are talking to.
    5. Be alert and be careful of your posture. In other words, don’t get too comfortable and slouch down in your chair. Don’t rest your chin on your palm.Don’t eat during the interview. It’s okay to take sips of water, though. That’s a regular occurrence in live meetings too, so it is acceptable.Very importantly, don’t go internet surfing during the interview. You should have done your homework on the company, and the interviewer, long before the interview. Of course, your recruiter should have prepared you, too, with as much relevant information as possible.Do you want to see how you come across to others on camera? Just record yourself during a practice interview with your recruiter. Do you see things you can improve?
    6. Dress appropriately. Remember, you’re in a job interview, not having a casual conversation with a friend.

Paying attention to the above tips won’t guarantee you the job, but not paying attention to them will almost certainly lower your chances for the new job.

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